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Contactless Digital Business Cards

Choose from a variety of Business Card Templates in various Local & Online Business Niches that helps Network the Smarter way, generates leads, sells products & services, effortlessly.


Capture Leads with just a Tap

Capture leads anytime anywhere all with just a Tap and add it to your AutoResponder


Collect Payments & Manage Sales

With just a Tap get people to view your service or product, collect payments via PayPal, Stripe and even manage all the sales using the sales dashboard.

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Create QR Codes for your Campaigns

Easily create QR codes for business cards or any other campaigns that you create.


Collect Review & Ratings

With NFC, customers can easily leave a rating or review by tapping their device on a terminal. They don't have to type in information or look through a website.


Book Appointments

Customers can make an appointment quickly and easily by tapping an NFC-enabled device, like a smartphone, against a reader at a business.

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Questions Asked By Our Clients

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a wireless technology that allows for the exchange of data between devices, such as smartphones and payment terminals, when they are in close proximity to each other.


How does NFC work?

NFC uses radio frequency (RF) technology to communicate between devices. When two NFC-enabled devices are brought close together, they establish a connection and can then exchange data.

What are some common uses for NFC in a small local business?

Some common uses for NFC in a small local business include mobile payments, loyalty program tracking, and customer identification.

How can I get started with NFC technology in my business?

You can get started with NFC technology by purchasing NFC-enabled payment terminals and/or implementing NFC-enabled mobile apps for your customers. You can also work with a payment processor that supports NFC transactions.

Are NFC Tags easily available ? How much do they cost?

NFC tags are super low-cost and you can get a tag for just a few cents. The Tags are available in various forms and wearables. You can check the Tag that suits your purpose and order them on sites like Amazon.

How is this advantageous over QR Codes?

◾️ QR Codes still need you to open your phone and scan for it to work. While NFC’s just need a tap making it operationally more efficient and faster.

◾️ Once you print out a QR Code, the same QR code cannot be reused. Whereas in NFC you can use the same NFC tag multiple times and keep rewriting.

Are there any security concerns with using NFC technology in my business?

NFC technology is considered secure, but as with any technology, it is important to stay up to date on security best practices and to work with a reputable provider. It is also important to ensure that your payment terminals are PCI compliant.

How can I promote my business's use of NFC technology to my customers?

You can promote your business’s use of NFC technology by offering special promotions or discounts to customers who use NFC to make a purchase. You can also include information about your business’s use of NFC technology on your website, social media channels, and in-store signage.